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St. Kitts Tourism Authority
St. Kitts launches new Romance Guide at Granite Travel Expos

Romance was certainly in the air at the Granite Travel Expos in four Ontario cities last week. The St. Kitts Tourism Authority, taking a Romance Sponsorship position at all for agent events, used the opportunity to launch its new Romance Guide for the destination. Agents were alerted to a new, post pandemic travel trend involving meaningful couples-based travel. Labelled “Togetherness”, Paul Minich explained new research indicating a high need for couples- of any age- to reconnect via unique- and sometimes lavish- travel experiences.



It seems love- or at least re-connecting is back after years of pandemic psychology.

When looking at St. Kitts- with its amazing restaurant scene, soft adventure opportunities and upmarket accommodation options- the destination seems to be positioned very well to capture this uptick in couples-based travel.

St. Kitts also presented its new 29-page culinary magazine- Savour St. Kitts, as well as a pocket-sized Restaurant Guide at the Granite shows to educate agents on the unique culinary offerings of the island.

Link to Romance Guide

Apr 28, 2023

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