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St. Kitts Tourism Authority
In St. Kitts, falling in love is a joyful journey

In St. Kitts, falling in love is a joyful journey. If that journey includes a trip down the aisle for your clients, the destination has them covered with the most scenic venues, an array of professional vendors and top tier wedding planners that will help them stage every moment of their dream day celebration.


Destination I Do

Couples can choose a hilltop fairytale fortress, old stone church, historic estate or even a toes-in-the-sand style celebration – the venue choices are truly endless and appeal to a wide variety of tastes – from modern to more traditional. Wedding guests will have plenty to enjoy too, with on site tour operators and wedding planners ready to arrange excursions and bespoke moments like catamaran cruises, horseback riding, rainforest hikes, zip lining, spa treatments, farm-to-table meals and so much more. 

No residency is required to obtain a marriage license in St. Kitts. Couples need only provide a few pieces of ID to obtain the necessary paperwork, so they can then turn their attention to enjoying every sun-soaked moment with their guests. 


Honeymoon Haven

Once they’ve tied the knot, it’s hard to leave the beguiling beauty of St. Kitts. Couples will find it easy to unwind from the wedding day and connect deeply here as the island is renowned for its off-the-grid, ‘escapist’ feel. With its natural beauty, quiet beaches, relaxing accommodations, dynamic food scene and a welcoming culture, St. Kitts is fast becoming the ultimate place to find serenity and seclusion, post nuptials – and for every romantic celebration that comes next. 


Download the new St. Kitts Romance Guide to help your clients connect with service providers, planners, accommodations and more in planning their perfect day or honeymoon stay. And listen to the new ‘Destination Romance Mini-Series’ podcast series on Aisle Seat. The trio of podcasts provide all the latest trends in destination weddings and tips on how to create a romantic dream getaway to St. Kitts.

For more information and to discover the latest promotions: VisitStKitts.com Your clients can travel with Air Canada, direct from Toronto from November through April, and via a number of U.S. gateways throughout the year.


Sep 14, 2023

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