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Find out why booking in advance is a great idea and how it can help your clients on their next getaway

Organizing a vacation is always exciting, but it can also be very stressful. But it doesn't have to be. Booking vacations early is becoming a growing and popular trend among travelers due to the advantages it offers over last-minute bookings. Find out why booking in advance is a great idea and how it can help you on your next getaway.


Lower Prices and Better Discounts

At the top of the list is something that everyone likes to do: save money. The main advantage of booking a getaway in advance is the lowest prices and the best discounts on flights, activities and accommodation options. Unfortunately, last-minute vacation plans are often accompanied by an increase in rates, which is an additional expense. However, you can avoid this by booking in advance, as many hotels offer unbeatable discounts on vacations scheduled for later.

Sandos Hotels & Resorts offers an extra 10% discount to travelers who book in advance at one of its nine all-inclusive resorts located in the best beach destinations in Mexico and Spain. Also, on select dates, the first child stays free at Sandos Caracol, and the first and second children stay free at Sandos Playacar. So you can receive all of this by reserving your next getaway to paradise in advance! But hurry, this special discount ends on March 31, 2023.


More Time to Investigate

One of the main reasons it's a good idea to book your vacation in advance is because it reduces the stress of planning the perfect getaway for your family. Most of the stress associated with vacation planning is the research you need to do to ensure you have the best experience possible. This includes searching for accommodation options, flights, things to do while traveling, and destination information.

Booking your vacation as soon as possible will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that you have thoroughly analyzed each part of your trip, thus reducing the chances of unwanted setbacks. So start to investigate little by little and feel more confident in your decisions. Afterwards, all you have to do is start the countdown and get ready to enjoy a dream experience in the destination you have chosen.


More Options

Waiting until the last minute to book your vacation can leave you with few options that fit your wants, needs, and budget. Especially during peak seasons, the resorts fill up quickly and in most cases you will find options with few stars or overpriced hotels and plane tickets. Planning gives you many opportunities to book the best flights and hotels that will allow you to get the most out of your vacation.


It's Easier to Finish Your Daily Responsibilities

Everyone dreams of going on vacation, escaping from their daily responsibilities to take some "me time." However, getting up and traveling is not always an option for many. Planning a getaway with enough time allows you, your family and/or your travel companions to put all your affairs in order so that you can set the dates in which you are going to travel without last minute complications that force you to postpone or cancel the trip. Make sure you enjoy some time away from your daily responsibilities by booking your next getaway early.



Planning vacations in advance and knowing that everything is taken care of is fantastic. In addition to that feeling, knowing that you have a vacation on the doorstep is excellent, since it is something that you can look forward to. The anticipation of an upcoming trip can be a great motivation and help improve mood and reduce stress levels in the run-up to vacation.


What You Can Expect on an All-Inclusive Vacation

Now that you know many of the advantages of booking your vacation in advance, there are quite a few things to look forward to during your all-inclusive vacation, and we want to tell you about some of them. So, after booking in time, the following awaits you:

Specialized Services and Amenities

During your all-inclusive vacation, you can relax and have the fun you deserve. In an all-inclusive complex, everything is prepared for you. No more cooking, making your own cocktails or finding ways to have fun and relax. Everything you need will be at your disposal morning, day and night. 

New Destinations

Goodbye to the usual and hello to the new. This all-inclusive vacation will give you the unique opportunity and experience to travel the world, venture to exciting destinations, learn more about other cultures, and create unforgettable memories with your beloved travel companions.

Participate in Fun Activities by Day or Night

Most all-inclusive resorts have a full program of daily and nightly entertainment for their guests to enjoy. During the day, you can attend activities such as volleyball, soccer, zumba, aquaerobics, contests with other guests, cocktail and cooking classes, and much more. At night, you can enjoy incredible shows by local artists. A perfect way to end the day at your all-inclusive resort.

Meet people from all over the world

If you're ever looking to make new friends and travel companions, traveling to an all-inclusive resort is one of the best ways to find like-minded people. Get to know your fellow travelers and create new memories with them. You might even start planning your next vacation!


Book Early at Sandos Hotels & Resorts

Sandos Hotels & Resorts offers 9 incredible all-inclusive resorts located in Mexico and Spain. The locations are as follows:


  • Los Cabos: Sandos Finisterra 
  • Cancun : Sandos Cancun
  • Playa Del Carmen: Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar 


  • Benidorm: Sandos Benidorm Suites and Sandos Monaco 
  • Ibiza: Sandos El Greco 
  • Lanzarote: Sandos Atlantic Gardens and Sandos Papagayo 

Remember that the nine hotels have a special discount of an additional 10% for those who book in advance. Don't miss the opportunity to plan everything and save big at the same time.

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