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What are the 10 safest countries to travel to?

Ever solo travellers thinks of safety first but they need to know that there are many destinations that are considered both beautiful and safe to travel to.

The World Economic Forum’s latest report found that one country above all others should top the list among solos: Finland. The country has officially been ranked the safest place in the world to visit, plus it was also recently named the fifth happiest country in the world ahead of its 100th anniversary of independence this year.

Vogue compiled a list of the top 10 safest countries from the report and found a few surprises. Tell us, what do you think of the list?

  1. Finland
  2. The United Arab Emirates
  3. Iceland
  4. Oman
  5. Hong Kong SAR
  6. Singapore
  7. Norway
  8. Switzerland
  9. Rwanda
  10. Qatar

Source: Travelweek.ca

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