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July 17 2024 / 02:07 PM
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Airlines can immediately offer increased services as part of this expanded agreement

Canada has signed a new Air Transport Agreement with Argentina, providing convenient travel options between the two countries.

According to Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez, the new agreement will replace the existing Canada-Argentina agreement that was negotiated in 1979. Airlines can immediately offer increased services as part of this expanded agreement.


The new agreement will include:

  • No limits on the number of:
    • Canadian or Argentinian airlines that can serve the market;
    • Passenger and/or cargo flights those airlines can operate;
    • The cities that can be served in Canada and Argentina;
  • More flexibility for Canadian and Argentinian airlines to make connections in other countries, if they choose, to pick up and discharge passengers and/or cargo en route to their final destination in Canada or Argentina;
  • Fully open code-sharing rights, which will allow air carriers to expand their network offerings through marketing cooperation with other airlines, including airlines from other countries;
  • A modern pricing regime; and
  • Industry-standard safety, security and doing-business provisions.


Canada is continually working on new and expanded air transport agreements under the Blue Sky policy, which encourages long-term, sustainable competition and the development of international air services. Under this policy, the Government of Canada has concluded new or expanded air transport agreements covering more than 110 countries. Argentina is Canada’s second-oldest travel market in South America, after Peru.

Jun 26, 2024

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