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Be Live Hotels
Do you know your local Be Live BDM?

WheelsUpNetwork.com would like to introduce you to our next Get To Know Your BDM post. We want you to get to know your local BDMs outside of what they can help you and your clients with.

The next BDM we want you to meet is Francisco Gamez from Be Live Hotels & Resorts. We asked him the following five questions:

1. When and where did you start your career in the travel industry?

I started my career in Cuba, working at the Marketing Dept of the hotel chain Hoteles Horizontes and since then I have always worked in the hotel and travel industries in Cuba and in Canada since 2007.

2. What is your favourite place in the world to travel to?

Cuba is still my favourite place to travel, because of my personal attachment to the place where I was born but also because it is an island of incredible beauty, strong cultural roots and wonderful people.

3. What is next on your bucket list?

China is in my bucket list because it is a mysterious land to discover, so far away, so different, so large and such an interesting country. It will be my next year’s vacation.

4. Who is your favourite music artist?

Bon Jovi is a classic , an idol of my generation.

5. What is your favourite movie?

Indiana Jones movies are like a “must see” for those who love travel and adventure.

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