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Exodus Adventure Travels
Explore the world of Exodus Adventure Travels with Exodus Expert

The Exodus Experts training program is designed to provide agents with the training tools and resources that you’ll need to grow your Exodus business and explore the world of Exodus Adventure Travels.


Exodus Expert

Become an expert 
Learn about Exodus diverse range of adventure holidays and be recognized for your expertise.  

Asset Library 
Access to useful content or assets for use in messages and presentations such as images, logos, brochures, documents and webinars.   

Instructor led webinars to support your e-learning courses as well as company updates and other important announcements   

Knowledge Forum 
Created to help and support your knowledge building and also for you to be part of Exodus community and share your own expertise and give advice.  


Available Courses

1. Exodus Expert Badge 
2. Exodus Walking & Hiking Badge
3. Exodus Cycling Badge 
4. Exodus Self-Guided Badge  


Learn at Your Own Pace

All of Exodus Adventure Travels training is bite-sized, with modules and quizzes broken down by subject. Start by learning a bit about Exodus, then choose your own route to becoming an Exodus Expert. 

You’ll never lose your place, have to go back to the beginning of a course, or retake a quiz that you have already passed. And we’ll keep adding specialist modules that you can take whenever you want to learn more.  


Win with Exodus

Exodus loves that you’re putting the time in to learn about them, and they think it’s great that we can help you better understand adventure travel! 

But we want to give you more than that… In exchange for learning with us we’ll be offering you the chance to win some great prizes, from giveaways and gifts to places on our awesome FAM trips! 

For more information, please visit exodus-expert.com.

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