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Costa Rica Dream Adventures
Exclusive Costa Rica Guide for travel agents only

Costa Rica Dream Adventures' (CRDA) teams of Costa Rica specialists with more than 20 years of local experience will help you create the perfect vacation for your clients. Costa Rica Dream Adventures wants to make sure that you are aware of all agent tools they offer. That's why, exclusively on WheelsUpNetwork, you can find Costa Rica Agent Guide: selling tools, travel tips, commissions and more!


Become Costa Rica Expert

Costa Rica Dream Adventures has an agent portal with an access to their commission, discounted journeys and many other agent perks! How to join? See this instructional video here.

For more information about the agent portal, please click here.


Destination Page

Costa Rica Dream Adventures understands that you have questions and you would like to be prepare for any questions your clients may have. That's why they provide all necessary material in order to help you become more knowledgeable about Costa Rica. What are the most visited locations in Costa Rica? Why Costa Rica is a popular a unique destination? All these questions can be addressed in their Destination page.  

The company displays the reasons why Costa Rica is such a popular destination as well as what are the most visited locations in the country.  Next to each location, travel agents will find information of each city, transfers time from the airport, thing to do and some rankings hotels.     


Activities Available in Costa Rica

It is nearly impossible to experience all there is to do in Costa Rica. CRDA has listed many of the available activities, along with additional information to help you select adventures for your clients visit. If you are interested in an activity not listed here, please do not hesitate in contacting CRDA. They customized all their itineraries! 

Click here to see all available activities.


Hotels Available in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers all properties from small boutiques to large all-inclusive resorts. If you don’t see a desired hotel listed, please contact the company directly. They work with 99% of the hotels in Costa Rica.

Click here to view all hotels Costa Rica Dream Adventures offers.


Transportation Services

Costa Rica is a small country with a variety of destinations to choose from. The company offers a variety of vehicles according to the number of passengers and budget. 

Click here to see all transportation options.

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