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Bahia Principe
Earn free nights with Bahia Principe's travel agent rewards program

Bahia Principe wants you to join them by registering for their BAHIA PRINCIPE REWARDS. 

When an agent registers for this program they will have the opportunity to select from a variety of rewards and experiences, such as: 
• Free stay at Bahia Principe's properties in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico 
• Spa treatments at the signature Bahia Spas offering a wide range of massages and beauty services 
• Exclusive dinners and entries for destination parties 
• Transportation* and excursion* vouchers 
• Golf course 
• Special travel rates and discounts at all Bahia Principe properties


Agents can earn the following:

• 100 points for each room night booked at a Grand Bahia Principe Hotel
• 125 points for each room night booked at a Luxury Bahia Principe Hotel
• 125 points for each room night booked at a Fantasia Bahia Principe Hotel


Becoming a Bahia Principe Specialist
• 200 points for each Bahia Principe Rewards Course Certification. Completing e-learning courses found in the E-learning section


New members
• New member to the program will earn 1,000 welcome points


To register go to bahia-principe.com/b2b. Through the Bahia Principe B2B portal agents will find updated information on all Bahia Principe properties, services and products. A special section in the portal will now allow members to report, track and manage their bookings.

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