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Travelport becomes first GDS to sign New Distribution Capability agreement with WestJe

WestJet and Travelport have signed a new long-term content distribution deal that will allow the airline to improve its retailing capabilities.

The deal, which includes the future implementation of WestJet NDC content, makes Travelport the first GDS to sign a New Distribution Capability agreement with the airline.

As part of the agreement, Travelport’s agency customers will continue to have access to WestJet’s content, including ancillary services. WestJet, meanwhile, will continue utilizing Rich Content & Branding (RC&B) services from Travelport, which helps agencies operate as modern retailers with the ability to easily view, compare and sell the carrier’s range of product offerings.

The companies will work together to ensure travel agents have access to the wide range of offers and fares from WestJet, along with full servicing capabilities. 


Source: Travelweek

May 14, 2024

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