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Santa Monica Travel & Tourism
“We’re here to help agents close the sale. Whether they need point-of-sale material, a presentation done to customers or even training, SMTT is here for you”

Hotel partners and the Santa Monica Travel & Tourism team including (far left) Annika Klint - Canada, National Trade Director for SMTT and (third from left) Sana Keller - Canada, Managing Director/PR for SMTT with (fourth from right) Ozzie Otero, Director of Sales, Santa Monica Travel & Tourism (all photos courtesy Chris Kinasz)

It truly does make sense to “base your Los Angeles stay beachside” in Santa Monica.

What better way to see a busy metropolitan destination like L.A., than basing your stay in a charming seaside town like Santa Monica, full of culture, events and amenities?

Last week, Santa Monica Travel & Tourism (SMTT), along with its hotel partners, were at the new Sweat and Tonic at the recently completed The Well complex in Toronto to help the Canadian market get to know the destination.

Travelweek was recently in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, and can attest that Santa Monica would be an ideal location for a Southern California base – far from the noise of downtown L.A. and Hollywood, where even a very high-end hotel could be right beside a nightclub.

And while Santa Monica may be a distance from other hotspots – about 22 km from Hollywood, and 25 km from downtown L.A. – those who’ve visited the city know how big and spread out everything is, so everywhere is far from everywhere else. L.A. is a car city, with locals driving everywhere to cover the distance, so a rental car really comes in handy.

Sana Keller, Canada Managing Director/PR for SMTT had a different suggestion, for a combination pre- and post-visit. “Bookend your stay and visit us in Santa Monica, we’re only 13 kilometres from LAX,” says Keller.

Santa Monica’s proximity to LAX also makes airport-hotel transfers more manageable. Those staying elsewhere should consider visiting Santa Monica for the day on the way from or to LAX. Hotels will let you store your luggage with them for a small service fee.


Santa Monica Pie & More

No matter the reason for their visit, what better setting is there for a client’s California getaway than beachside, right on the Pacific Ocean?

Visitors can surf, ride bikes, shop, visit a museum, enjoy cocktails and dining at over 400 restaurants, or just stroll the renowned Santa Monica Pier, possibly taking a turn on the iconic solar-powered Ferris wheel with 130-foot-high panoramic view.

Across 21 square miles (about 54 square kilometres), Santa Monica has eight unique neighbourhoods, each with their own character and vibe. All can be experienced car-free, plus there’s a free electric shuttle service called ‘Circuit’ that can be summoned like an Uber.

If you’re still not convinced, take it from Ozzie Otero, Director of Sales for SMTT: “Santa Monica really is the best part of Los Angeles. It’s a great place to experience for a few hours or a few nights. The beauty of it is its walkability, the beach, the great weather, the eclectic and diverse food scene and the hotels which are the backbone of the community. It’s the best way to immerse yourself on all things Southern California so get to know us!

There are plenty of accommodation options for varied budgets, with some 40 hotels in Santa Monica. There should be no trouble getting there either, with plenty of flight options starting with five Air Canada flights per day from Toronto to LAX.

We’re here to help agents close the sale. Whether they need point-of-sale material, a presentation done to customers or even training, SMTT is here for you,” said Annika Klint, Canada National Trade Director for SMTT, adding: “I think the most important thing to know is Santa Monica’s location in relation to L.A.

To learn more about this destination, go to SantaMonica.com.


Source: Travelweek

Jun 10, 2024

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