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July 17 2024 / 01:53 PM
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Flair Airlines
With Flair Connect, Flair continues its commitment to making travel accessible for everyone, everywhere

Flair Airlines is proud to announce the launch of Flair Connect, an innovative, easy-to-use booking system that empowers travellers to book multi-segment and multi-city trips affordably and confidently in one place. Flair Connect is a virtual interlining solution outside of Flair’s North American network that will reach hundreds of global destinations in one convenient place. With the added peace of mind of the Missed Connection Guarantee, travellers can book with confidence knowing that if a connecting flight is missed or a flight is cancelled, rebooking is easy and secure through the Flair Connect portal.

Flair Connect showcases Flair's ability and drive to improve multiple aspects of air travel. Flair Connect’s connectivity to destinations outside of its network is powered by Flair’s agile tech stack. As Canada’s sole ULCC, Flair aims to continually find new ways to disrupt the conventional distribution approach. Flair offers a smart, self-connect booking platform unlike other more traditional airlines with limited airline agreements. 

At Flair, operational efficiency and excellence go hand in hand with a commitment to digital innovation, empowering travelers to explore the world affordably, seamlessly, and confidently. To this end, Flair has invested in enhancing its digital capabilities, making FlyFlair.com the premier platform for searching and booking airfares, rental cars, and hotels. 

By booking directly through Flair, travelers have access to exclusive benefits, including the lowest fares, flexible payment options with "Buy Now Pay Later," trip protection and disruption guarantees for stress-free travel, the TravelFlex option to change flights without incurring change fees, and a checked baggage guarantee. With Flair, travelers are equipped to handle any changes to their plans, making every journey worry-free.

Flair Connect is a testament to Flair Airlines' continuous efforts to expand beyond its initial reach, keep up with, and lead the competition. In an era where airline competition in Canada is scrutinized more than ever, Flair stands out by advocating for travellers with boundless dreams but finite budgets. Flair invites all travellers to try Flair Connect and discover how far they can go, for less.

Jun 18, 2024

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