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Travel with #NOREGRETS.


As the original travel company for the young, wild and free, we’ve perfected the art of travel for 18-35-year old’s. 300 trips spanning 6 continents, with the best team in the business, more included experiences, and your transportation is just the start of what you get with us. We also offer more flexibility through 8 ways to travel, 5 ways to stay and endless free time and options. Because we know you only get one life, one shot. So, you better make it count.


Travel is made up of experiences and moments…..that drive us to the edge of our seats, that push us out of our comfort zone, that expand our minds and alter our views of the world. It’s these experiences that allow us to discover the best version of ourselves. To have cultural encounters. To create new BFFs and life-long memories. And to have one helluva time in the process. It’s these experiences that create curiosity and ultimately create better more rounded humans. Travel creates better people. #NOREGRETS isn’t just a travel philosophy, it’s a way of life, and living with no regrets is what drives us to be the absolute best we can be. It’s about changing your perspective on the world, walking in other’s shoes, witnessing different cultures, religions, and ways of living. It’s about understanding that everyone is different, and it’s this difference that makes us unique. It’s about realising that whilst the world may feel incomprehensibly huge, we’re all connected and in it together. It’s about living in the moment, pushing past your comfort zone, challenging yourself to do the things you never thought possible. But most of all, it’s about living life out loud, unashamedly and completely, loving every single second of being young. The trip of a lifetime for the see it all explorer, Discoverer trips see travellers ticking boxes left, right and centre. Visiting multiple countries or destinations in one trip, they're perfect for those that want to see and do as much as possible. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Latin America.

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Experience all the best sights and exhilarating late nights, High Energy trips are crafted especially for the 24-hour traveller. Visiting lots of destinations, they’re ideal for those wanting to spend days exploring the icons, then dancing the night away with a brand new wolf pack. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, Australia and Latin America.

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With more unique experiences & free time to explore, these are the trips for the culturally curious. In-Depth Explorer trips get you into the heart and soul of a destination by tasting, exploring and unearthing every last little secret. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Latin America.

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Trips for the casual cats. Less time on the road means more time to get acquainted with every destination you visit for those that know time taking it easy is time well spent. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, New Zealand, Asia and Latin America.

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The call of the wild and exclusive to Europe. Camping is perfect for the traveller who wants to stay abroad as long as possible, and isn’t fussed on five-star digs. With the same great Europe, these don't scrimp on quality or experiences, and visit multiple countries in one trip. Available in Europe only.

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Calling all seekers of salt water and sun! It’s time to sail or cruise your way around some of the sexiest seas on the planet. Mediterranean? Check. Great Barrier Reef? Of course. Endless summer days and balmy nights are soon to be yours with Sailing & Cruise.

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Experience the magic of travelling in autumn, winter and spring. Outdoor types can hit the slopes with a board, or explore a destination off peak. It's the same great experience, with less queues and crowds, and even cheaper prices. Available in Europe, the USA & Canada, and New Zealand.

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Short Trips & Festivals are all about injecting the fun into life…Cultural events, music festivals and fun stuff like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter, or get to know a new city in a short space of time. Pick any one and it will pack some punch. Available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

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