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Trafalgar Tours
Find out how agents can make a stronger impact on the booking decision by providing the emotional benefits of travelling

Trafalgar is striving to simplify the sales process for its valued Canadian industry partners with the release of a short animation that encourages agents to flip the way they think about selling. The two -minute inspirational video illustrates that by talking about the emotional benefits of travelling with the award-winning brand ahead of giving the clients rational reasons, agents can make a stronger impact on the booking decision.

Trafalgar’s priority is to ensure agents are equipped with the tools to learn what makes the brand different and can earn more sales effortless. “Our guests are at the heart of all that we do and we know that when they book travel, it comes from their heart. We therefore feel it makes sense to flip from the rational to emotional benefits when we talk travel,” says Wolf Paunic, president of Trafalgar Canada. 

With 70 years’ experience, over five million guests, 230 itineraries to six continents and a completely transparent and genuine 97 per cent satisfaction rate, Trafalgar is committed to putting the simplicity and fun back into selling its authentic experiences and guaranteeing conversion for its partners.

For more information visit trafalgar.com

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