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Ditching the Oscar’s red carpet or rocking the latest designer wear to make headlines, our favourite celebrity A-listers are out traversing the world in their own adventure style. From Ewan McGregor’s ultimate active adventure through Nepal to Barack Obama’s kite-surfing vacation in the British Isles, celebrities are inspiring adventurers to get out and do something different. Exodus Travels has over 43 years of expertise in small group and self-guided hiking, cycling, cultural and responsible wildlife adventures that will inspire any traveler to rise to fame with Hollywood’s biggest adventurers.

Here are Exodus’ Top 10 Celebrity Adventure Styles:

George Clooney | European Summer Getaways
It’s not hard to wonder why George Clooney, one of Hollywood’s best leading men, spends his summers in an 18th century villa off the stunning shores of Lake Como in Northern Italy. There’s no need to hop the fence with the paparazzi to get close to Clooney when travelers can take a scenic boat ride across Lake Como and capture their own million dollar photos while experiencing the Highlights of Italy.
John Legend | Exotic Family Adventures
If you follow Grammy award-winning musician John Legend on Instagram, you’ve seen family travel looking its best. A long-time fan of world travel, Legend has explored an abundance of exotic destinations. Whether he’s navigating the colorful souks of Marrakech with wife and baby in tow, or experiencing the Buddhist and Hindu culture of Bali on a wellness retreat, John knows how to let family adventure take center stage.
Leonardo DiCaprio | Responsible Wildlife Encounters
More than a compelling Oscar award-winner, Leo is passionate about protecting our planet and has traveled the world advocating for wildlife conservation and environmental policies. Offering diverse wildlife adventures with responsible tourism always in mind, Exodus has plenty of experiences for nature lovers to choose from. Do as Leo does and visit the Komodo dragons and Orangutans of Sumatra Island, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.
Nicolas Cage | Full Cultural Immersion
As one of the most meme-able actors in Hollywood, Nicolas Cage took full advantage during his visit to Kazakhstan when he was gifted a traditional Kazakh robe and hat. When he posed for a photo with a deadpan stare it quickly went viral, blowing up the world of memes. Meme lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike can attempt to make their adventure go viral by discovering the Silk Road’s natural and cultural treasures.


Beyoncé & Jay Z | Coastal Paradises
Queen B and Jay Z like traveling to paradise destinations so much, they might as well put a ring on it. After exploring the Croatian island of Hvar several times, the power couple now has a tree there named after their daughter, Blue Ivy. When they’re not swimming in the Mediterranean, they might be exploring the tropical coasts of Costa Rica. Whether travellers are a couple seeking a fun, romantic getaway or an independent wo(man), Exodus offers both self-guided and guided tours to nearly all of the world’s coastal paradises.
Angelina Jolie | Transformative Experiences
Angelina Jolie has truly experienced a transformative journey in Cambodia. It began with starring in the action-adventure “Tomb Raider,” and has grown into a love of the diverse country’s people and captivating history. Jolie adopted her son Maddox from Cambodia in 2002 and recently directed the Cambodian genocide drama, "First They Killed My Father.” From action-packed days discovering the ancient temples in Angkor Wat to a more sobering experience in Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Prison, a diverse Cambodia Adventure is a must.


Madonna | Art & Culture Fit for a Queen
Once the most powerful kingdom that dominated the sea routes and now one the friendliest and most laid back countries in Europe, Portugal couldn’t be a more perfect destination for the Queen of Pop to crown home. This Material Girl has discovered inspiration among the old city of Lisbon’s vibrant arts and culture and coastal scenery. Both pop fans and globetrotters won’t be able to resist unleashing their own inner diva among Portugal’s stunning coastlines and cities.


Ewan McGregor | Epic Challenges
Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is no stranger to daring, new adventures that explore off-the-beaten-path destinations – from testing his physical endurance by motorcycling 20,000-miles across 12 countries in just 115 days, to following routes through India and Nepal on a mission to deliver fragile vaccines to some of the world’s most remote regions. Travellers can do like McGregor and experience lesser-known destinations while hiking the Manaslu Lodge Circuit around the world’s highest mountains in Nepal or testing their limits by cycling India’s breathtaking Himalayas.


Susan Saradon | Reaching Greater Heights
Best known for “Thelma and Louise,” in which Susan Sarandon’s rebellious character drives the getaway car over the Grand Canyon to finally escape the cops, it turns out Sarandon’s real-life travels have taken her to even greater heights. From paragliding along the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town to celebrating local customs on Machu Picchu, while wearing a traditional Andean dress and sipping coca tea. Seek out your own thrills on Exodus’ Inca Trail adventure or enjoy a little more style while exploring the ancient site on the Inca Trail in comfort.


Julia Roberts | The Essence of Africa
Thanks to the leading lady Julia Roberts, when “Eat, Pray, Love” hit the big screen, adventurers found themselves traversing to Italy to eat their hearts out or falling in love with Ubud and beyond on the islands of Indonesia. But for a different experience following in the footsteps of America’s classic Sweetheart, head to Kenya where Roberts joined the ultimate outdoor adventurer, Bear Grylls, in a challenge to deliver vaccines to one of East Africa’s most remote regions.

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