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Exodus Adventure Travels
Discover Europe’s most exciting destinations on two wheels!

Active holidays provide a unique way of sightseeing in some beautiful locations, and they keep the mind and body in perfect harmony. Whether your clients are looking for a leisurely roam through sigh-worthy scenery or yearn for more of an uphill encounter, Exodus Travels has a cycling holiday for every ability.

Tuscany Cycle Siena & Chianti

A region idealized by many, and rightly so, with sprawling vineyards and olive groves Tuscany’s landscape is recognizable and truly romantic.

Steeped in history, hill-top towns and winding roads, it’s best explored by bike. Meander the way through Tuscany on this relaxed itinerary which encourages you to embrace the laid back Italian life style.


Cycling in Sicily

The biggest island in the Mediterranean sea, stunning Sicily’s rich cultural and culinary heritage makes this island a sublime visit.

From rustic home cooking to exploring the antiquated past of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish, Sicily has so much to offer the explorer on two wheels.


Porto to Lisbon Atlantic Ride

Picturesque Portugal is a top contender for a European bike ride. The Atlantic Coast of Portugal will take your clients through a range of landscapes, from pleasing pine forests to sprawling sand dunes in Sao Jacinto Natural Reserve. The fort village of Obidos is also a postcard perfect place to spend a night.


Cycling in Sardinia

When travelers cycle in Sardinia they spend a wonderful week pedalling past emerald waters, ancient ruins and smooth peanut butter beaches. After some more challenging gradients, your clients can reward themselves with uplifting scenic sights and a plate stacked with Sardinian delights.


Cycle Cilento and the Amalfi coast

Combine the passion for cycling with a gastronomically indulgent itinerary! Cycling allows your clients to completely explore both unspoilt Cilento and the lively and loved Amalfi coast. The Amalfi coast provides unrivalled scenic routes and rich delicious local cuisine. Cilento offers a quainter impression of Italy, with peaceful traditional fishing villages and a glimpse into a more leisurely pace of life.


Cycling Puglia and Matera

Cycling in Italy’s deep south immerses travelers in the fascinating regions of Puglia and Basilicata. With Salento’s sublime seafood and wonderous wine, this destination really is foodie heaven. Sleeping under the charming dry stone roof of a 'Trulli’ house in Alberobello makes this trip a truly memorable experience.

When your clients cycle through the region they can embrace the beauty of the countryside and make pitstops at some delicious cafes and restaurants along the way.


Dolomites, Lake Garda and Venice Ride

Discover spectacular scenery without the long climbs. The famous Lake Garda is a serene retreat offering a welcome break with breath-taking views. Travelers can relax on a pleasant boat ride where they can soak up these delightful vistas before continuing their jaunt through fair Verona and Padova.


Cycling in Albania

Beginning on the border of Macedonia, cycling uncovers soaring snow-capped mountains, unbelievable beaches and charming rural villages. If your clients are looking for something more than a leisurely bike ride, Albania provides a challenging work out in a captivating setting.


Cycle the Baltics

Crossing Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, this ride will take your clients on a journey of discovery through historic cities, untouched wilderness and along breathtaking coastline.  Between the architectural highlights they will also enjoy some of the best cycling this region has to offer, through beautiful national parks and along idyllic coastal paths.


Cycling the Dalmatian Coast

The stunning sapphire waters and terracotta topped buildings of the Dalmatian Coast are the perfect backdrop for a cycling holiday. From picturesque seaside villages to lavish port towns, Croatia is an idyllic location to get fit and soak up some much needed rays.


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