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Packing like a pro just got easier

Collette’s Allison Faria has shared packing tips to a happier trip. Check out their trips suticase packing, travel wear and air travel tips.

Suitcase Packing Tips

Make and check your packing list • Make a check list of everything you packed so you don’t lose or forget anything


Roll, don’t fold
• This helps prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled and it also saves space in your suitcase


Use fresh, clean shoes as packing cubes
• Save space by putting small items like socks, underwear, cords, costume jewellery, etc. in them


Ziploc bags and elastics are your friends!
• Use these for anything: packing and separating liquids, dirty clothes, water proofing, separating clothes or souvenirs
• Hold cords and clothing together with elastic
• Elastic hair ties are great to use since they double as hair elastics


Put a shower cap over your shoes
• It prevents other things in your suitcase from getting dirty


Put heavier items like shoes near suitcase wheels
• This keeps it level so it will not topple over


Leave plenty of empty space in your suitcase
• You’ll need it for souvenirs!


Packing cubes or compression bags
• Help you stay organized
• Save space
• Waterproof
*Note: Collette provides you with one when you upgrade to elite!


Bring an around the world adapter
• It saves money over time and can be used anywhere


Put dryer sheets in between your clothes
• They keep your things smelling fresh and help prevent wrinkles

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Travel Wear

Do your homework and study the climate you’ll be visiting


Pack safe colours and items
• Jeans, khakis and other neutral colours like black are always versatile choices
• Comfortable (neutral if possible) shoes. If you have new shoes, break them in before your trip


• Is convenient for all types of weather
• Saves room in your suitcase instead of packing unnecessary bulky items

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Air Travel Tips


Check your airline’s baggage restrictions so you know:
• Weight restrictions
• Bag limits
• Bag fees
*Note: If you book your flight through Collette Air, these things will be done for you


Never check important items!
• Your valuables are always safest with you. If your luggage gets lost, you’ll at least have your most important items accounted for.


3-1-1 liquids rule
• Make sure liquids are in up to 3.4 oz. or less size containers for carry on
• Place them in Ziploc bags to prevent accidental spillage

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