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Congratulations to our lucky winner!

Our team at WheelsUpNetwork challenged you to tell us what your favourite resort is, and what your favourite destination is. It was immensely interesting to see how many entries overlapped.

It’s quite possible that a lot of you have run into each other at these places!

So we’ve decided to publish the results of this challenge in May for you all to see. We think you’ll find it as interesting as we did.

So who did we pick as our winner?


Karri Peeling - Travel Agents in Action

Favourite Destination: "Anywhere a Disney Cruise sails!"

Favourite Resort: “My Favourite Resort is a DISNEY CRUISE!”




We couldn’t help but smile at your entries Karri! Congratulations!

You have won our branded Wake Up with WheelsUp mug - Jimmy! What could be nicer than spilling some tea or brewing some coffee with Jimmy?



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